About FuelEx

At FuelEx, we built a company around a simple but very powerful idea: put a hyper-vertical digital collaboration platform at the center of a huge but enormously inefficient industry — the upstream, midstream-, downstream liquid fuel value chain — and give companies a rapid, low-cost way to enable hundreds of inter-company processes, across entire trading communities, to drive new levels of operational efficiency and business agility.

We provide the industry-wide collaboration platform that fuel-industry leaders from nearly every sector serving this industry rely on to automate trade and logistics operations across their partner networks. The hyper-localisation and hyperverticalization of the FuelEx marketplace enable us to serve these industry communities intimately according to their needs. For these communities and their trading partners, FuelEx is where trade in the fuel industry happens. Today, FuelEx is the developer and operator of the first hyper-vertical digital platform of its kind.